Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Salam Ramadhan.

Since I've been assigned for night shift schedule this week (not this week-lah, deduct Monday and Tuesday for my medical leave), there's not much I can do during the other half of the day. It's Ramadhan, and I am forbidden to smoke and to eat. Or sleep much or shower seldomly, that's makruh. What I did was surfed the web, scroll down any news particularly on soccer (Cesc now officially a Barca player, finally) and read blogs. Read and read and read. Owh, and sometimes watched movies and series.

Among thousands (preposterous!) articles I've read, at least, I can gain something. Randomly on anything - jokes, scandal, gossips, facts and some more. Bloggers write something new everyday, as well as providing me with something I can write on my own blogs. We may know something earlier than others, for example the sneak peek of new cars or else. And for sure when we have something like that its a gold opportunities to increase the traffic to your blog. More and more people will come to your blog and its a good thing to hear, I mean for the bloggers-lah.

Reading blog is addicted you know. Its like a chain reaction, saw one post, read it, read the comment below and click another links provided within the comment section or within the blog itself. Something its never end when it becomes too interesting. Keep reading, keep clicking and suddenly you realized its already 1 hours you've spent on this. Its a good thing anyway to kill time waiting for buka puasa. And stopped automatically when your parents started calling. Or when you realized its the time to go out to bazar.
While reading, I think most of people will ignore the blog's title. Well, most of it-lah. Its just a title actually, nothing in particular, but turned out to be hilarious. And a bit boring sometimes. Some will put names based on cartoons, foods, phrase, or bloggers's own name. A bit professional I guessed there (go to top and that's my name). Profesional la sangat. Its not a pro-lah, its something easier to handle and to remember. And make yourself a bit proud. Haha. Can what? Aren't you glad with your own name? After all its a name that been chosen scrutinously by your parent. With love. Hehe.
Owh, times up. Better go to bazar now or the karipap will sold out again.

p/s : ye cik epi nak pegi bazar a ni!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two In Three

Its been a while, really, for an English post to appear back on this blog. No particular reason. Maybe not all-English post-lah. Rojak a bit, I assumed. Typical Malaysian of myself.

Well, there's definitely a story will I deliver here (yalah its always what blogger came up to, a story). Recently, I were involved in two accidents. Two separate accidents in three days. Quit nice huh. First with this an Indian lady and second with an old Chinese man. Both were using cars, Persona and Waja. This is not a racist post. Confirmed not. The only reason I brought this things up is to highlight the attitude and manner of the people involved. And might as well lead up to the opinions and perceptions of people nowadays among races.

The first one happen to be near with my workplace. I hit the back side of a Persona drove by an Indian lady. It wasn't intentional, that car slowed down a bit as the junction she heading for that moment was a bit steep, and I really don't expect her to slow down. So it happen. Bamm. My motorcycle and I fell onto the floor, my motorcyle's handbrake broken a bit and my right knee bled. Urgh. And the bumper of that Persona crack a bit, and of course she didn't injured at all. She came out from the car, mocking and screaming at me. For real, my first thought was -- ow man she's Indian. Maybe after this she'll call another Indian guy to help and yes I'm for sure cannot win this.

And I'm right, an Indian guy came afterwards. No offense, but seriously, what else would you think when you involved in an accident with an Indian at Indian neighborhood? Yes I'm definitely for sure cannot win this. Now that's the point where I'm wrong, as well as other people who thought like me previously. Back to the accident earlier. How was the case solved? No big quarrel @ fighting, suprisingly we negotiated well and the incident ended in peace. For that I've learned a lesson. Never judge from the outlook. Sometimes we may bumped into stories that Indian are like these, Chinese are like that. Get life people, Malays are also like that. Whats the point of blaming others when we ourselves acting like one?

Moving on, the next two days I involved in another accident. This time just 5 minutes from my home. Poor me. But this time with an old Chinese man. Drove his Waja carelessly and hit me from my right. And hit the same wound I got from first accident. Hooray. Then he just gave me RM50 after ensured that my motorcycle is okay and I don't have any broken parts from this accident. No offense again, but what am I? A chicken or what? How can rm50 solved this? Really, I was really mad at his attitude. Like I'm only targeting his money. That's b******t. Its him who hit me in the first place. If this the only negotiation you offered to me, then I guessed I really cannot blame people for having bad thoughts between races. I can do better, but other people?

I have a lot of friends who came out from different society, races and background, and I am pretty sure you guys do. I often played futsal with Indians and most of my workmate are Chinese. Frankly speaking, I am enjoying this Malay-Indian-Chinese relationship we have in our country. I do, for real. Then how about you? Really?

p/s : Damn its hurt to sleep at night.


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