Monday, November 23, 2009


First of all, what is Parkway Drive (PD)? A road? A parking lot? Or a band? Well, yup its a band. Such a weird name, yet they are so rock!!! Yeah!!!

So, who the fuck is Parkway Drive? Simply to say, PD is a metal core band from Australia, yet they way they played reflecting a lot of music style, from classical to punk-rock style. This 5-piece band songs are something really worth to hear, as they are the only one band who managed to increase the selling of their CD`s from 150 something to over 1000 in just two years. They even numbered in mainstream charts without any song played via radio station or MTV. Yeah, they are wildly popular out there. Its fascinating that there is a band who manage to do this without the help from media.

Earlier this year (May if not mistaken), they had released a DVD set , a documentary about their journey to what they have become today and a live set. To be honest, I was so impressed after watching this DVD. That documentary showed their journey from just an unknown band to something that people willing to queue all day long for their show. Lots of happy and sad memories, their unstoppable spirit to fight for their band, it was all really worth to watch. Plus their live set performance was so exciting, watching thousand of fans sang along with them is a real proof of how their efforts in bringing up "Parkway Drive" were really paid off.

Why people love metal core genre? Many people maybe dislike this, indicating that the way they scream it not considered singing. Always referred back to black metal. Haha. Well ladies and gentleman, I representing the fans here would like to say that this is not true. They are many reasons why people love this genre. The act of playing during live show, the fast-tempo songs, the technical play metal always used, the breakdown, and also the guitar solo. This is it. This is why Parkway Drive is one of the best metal core band I`ve ever heard of, especially their breakdown, which is so good to me.

In short, I not saying that I fuck other genres. I am universal, learning to all kind of music. Muse, Lenka, Girl`s Generation. The more I hear, the more that I can know about people around the world, their inspiration, their style.

p / s : But I am a rocker. Enjoy band performance more than others.

Quick thinking in the morning

The world is so weird, you know.

Its funny when we said instant noodles is enough for dinner ONLY at the end of the month.

Its sad when we have no one to talk about our good news.

Its emotional when mom hugs their children with tears.

Its scary when you unprepared but still going to exam.

Its angry when your shot is just an inch away from giving your team a winning goal.


well, it IS hungry when I am writing this. Let make our (you and me) world better by having breakfast first. erk...

p / s : bored when its cereal for the whole week, but who cares?

Tahun Tiga yang ber-GELI-ga

Oh dunie. Kenape ko berubah begitu drastik skali. Dari suaue ketike di mane aku masih mampu untuk bermain futsal hari2 kepada satu keadaan di mane nk cari mase datang ke Sport Complex menjadi sangat sukar. Oh dunie..

Dalam sekelip mate semue macam payah. inilah bahaye dowh. ni permulaan kepada pengakhiran. pengakhiran hidup rilek-dulu-lepak-jap aku. dengan keje yang bertimpe2 xreti2 nak berehat langsung, aku rase berat badan aku pon dah mule meningkat walaupun x betape drastik. Isap rokok pon macam xde feel je, habis camtu je time kepala otak still fikir keje je..

tapi CHILL ar.. haha. pikir positif sket. tengok ape yang aku dapat dari smue bende yang meninggikan tekanan darah aku ni. selain daripada keje2 yang ade perkembangan dari minggu ke minggu, member2 pon dah bertambah ramai. yela, jumpe2 hari2, tapi time final year ni a br nk rapat2. Sume buat keje, tension, lepak kat luar isap rokok k ape k, pastu sembang. Kire release tension gak a, walaupun sebenarnye idak..

p/s : bertaun da x pegi KL.


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