Friday, February 24, 2012

A Perfect Partner

Read that title already? Now do me a favor. Do not believe that. Ever.

A perfect partner never exist. You can't find someone like that even if you willing to travel around the world. Every living things, including human, for sure, have something to reduce them from getting that "100%" tag. I'll bet on that. Will you?

Living alone isn't impossible, but somehow you will learn by time that a partner is vital. And to search a perfect companion or soul mate or BFF or whatsoever, its useless. What seems to be the ideal target is to find someone who can accept our weaknesses and fill our void. And vice versa. "Completing each others" - that's better.

And to do that is hard, yet achievable. Sometimes we will have to fight ourselves, our feelings and needs. And with people surround us. Patience is required here, a lot please. Some will support us, and some will not. And no matter how hard the challenges come, still, the decision is uniquely rely upon us. Yes. Us.

Think well. Be smart. Don't get fooled by our own feeling. Opinions matter, but decision is one. The perfect one is never exist. Its not a relationship when both person are not connected. Its not a relationship when we are the only one supporting it. And its not worth waiting for someone who is already left you.

However, if you are still going to stay, fine. Chill bro, I got your back.

p/s : This is something I've said to cheer and help my friends who is currently having some difficulties with his girlfriend. May have nothing related to you (the viewers), sorry, but yes, I am supporting him through thick and thin. Simply because I'm his friend.


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