Monday, October 29, 2012

the end is not there yet.

"we've met, and we shall meet again."

well, frankly speaking, this is an entry i created due to numb feeling i had since last 9 hours ago. and i dedicated this to my assistant manager (now its ex-assistant manager), sincerely.

every factory got a manager, no matter how small it is. and obviously there will be a system, adminstrative system, a hierracy of management. an assistant manager comes after manager. second most powerful person in the factory. and my assistant manager is a woman. a tough, hard but nice woman.

what are her responsibilities in my factory? no point of explaining in details, i am not going to post a resume here. in short, there are tonnes of works, huge responsibilities on her shoulder -- she is the assistant what, for sure a lot. and thanks to her we can run a factory here. on daily basis, 24-6 actually (one-day off).

obviously, running a factory is not an easy task. you need a team. you need supports. this is not one-woman job, nor one-man too. and i am delightful that i am one of her team members. i am delightful to support her, as what she did to me. and i am proud enough to call myself as your wingman, although i did not have a pair of wing.

and 9 hours ago, she quit. so sudden. so so....numb.

she have her reasons, pretty sure she's been thinking a lot before making such a decision. this numb feeling will not last long, for sure, but things will change significantly. there is no more smoking cigarettes together, no more big laugh together, and more responsibilites divided to each of the team members apparently.

looking forward to steal another cigarette from your bag. let's meet up again someday, so that we can have that big laugh again. ok?

chill joey. chill.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

perihal sembelih orang di raya haji

sembelih orang? aah.
sape? tuan punya blog ni.


tuan punya blog ni nak balik raya haji sebenarnye. taun lepas die melepas. taun ni pon nampak gaya melepas lagi la nak sambut ngan famili. malam raya haji tu die keje lagi. walaupun habis keje awal, tapi dia orang pantai timur. nak balik bukan sejam dua, koman2 empat lima jam. haii~~

ape kaitan ngan sembelih?

yela, orang boleh balik beraye kat kampung. die kat sini je, sambut raye haji kat KL. meriah tu mungkinlah, tapi walau apa sebab korang bagi, sambut dengan famili compared to sambut dengan bukan famili lain. walaupun 'bukan famili' tu sepupu ke mak sedare ke kakak ipar ke. memang lain. so tinggal a die kat sini sorang2 menunggu cuti raya haji habis, harap2 die tak semelih diri sendiri a sebab sedih sangat.

doa2lah moga die ok, ok?

selamat menyambut hari raya aidiladha. kalau rajin tu puasa a hari ini. besar sangat pahalanya.

p/s : sedih sampai tengok lembu kene semelih pon sebak. hmmm

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

perihal nasi lemak dan sambalnya

Kebiasaannye pagi2 memang perut aku kemaruk nasi lemak. Dan bile sebut tang nasi lemak ni memang ade satu port gerai nasi lemak kat pendamaran ni yang layak terima status favourite dari aku. Pagi2 dah speaking dh. Kemaruk penampo kot.

Anyway, pagi ni aku menhadirkan diri macam biasalah di depan gerai nasi lemak ni. Macam biasalah - nasi lemak tambah ayam sambal. Pergh. Cume pagi ni hemsem sket, order sambil pakai kacamata hitam (malas tanggal bile turun moto je sebenanye).

Dan mak cik ni mulalah mngomel2 hensem blagak apalah, maka aku pun bukak lah spek hitam ni. Ditakdirkan kuasa Tuhan bile aku bukak je spek trus sambal nasi lemak yang die nak cedok terpercik kat aku - masuk mate plak.. Pedih oi. PEDIH!

Nasib bek ade spek hitam. Trus aku cover.  Trus aku bayar. Dan trus aku balik.

Sambil makan nasi lemak sambil tersenyum sorang2. Baik btul makcik tu ye. Bagi sambal lebih kat mate aku tapi harge maintain je rm3.50. Patutlah nasi lemak mak cik laku. Hehe.

P/s : "bukannye makcik sengaje...."

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who do you work for?

I guessed most of us knew the standard protocol of life : you went to school, went to universities, got a job, get married, then die. Pretty simple.

Now let me ask you, particularly on working section; who do you work for? Yourself? For the future? Or just moving on to the next phase of your life?

We work for the boss lah. Pretty simple also.

Well since this is my blog thus i guessed my opinion matter the most right. Obviously the answer will be abundant, however sincerely, i think the first answer should be to repay your parents.They've done so much in growing you, nurturing you, guiding your to what you've become today. Your father still ignoring the hardness he face to order to provide your with comfortness. Your mother still willing to cook your favorite meals once you ask for it. Not to you only, to your brothers and sisters too. For free.

So please, dont bother to budget your expenses with your family. Love and treat them dearly as what they've done to you. Put them first on whatever it is.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


People dont f*** you for nothin. They'll f*** you for A REASON. Whether the reasons were acceptable or not, its yours to judge. They'll absolutely f*** you for a reason.

Its common thing in a meeting. You were given responsibilities, means you have to face the consequences if you fail in delivering the result. Whether you like it or not, its unfair to point to others when the target is you. Totally.

And when your boss angry, prepare the worst. They might open back your account, recalled you back on your previous screw up, and blast you more. If they good enough they'll listen to you. If not then they'll personally show you the exit.

"you should just nod, accepted the blame and improve"

Is it right? Well, for some. Or better for the moment.

Will you improve? A must.

Or will you find another job? Then make it clear that you're not running away from the mistakes you've done. Improve first, show what you can do for real, then think it through again.



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