Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Perfect Breakup Song

Well first of all, I am not breaking up with my girlfriend. Cuz I have don’t have one. The only reason I post this is because I had been jamming this song recently and I have gone through the lyrics, which seems to me as a perfect break-up song. It’s like u should hear this song when you broke up with girlfriend so that you will find strength to revive yourself. That’s the reason.
Why I called it a perfect song? The melody of it sounds like rejuvenating, slow at verse, preheated while before chorus and finally rocking (me) during the chorus. And the solo part was a bit awesome. Personally, I haven’t heard this song even once during break-up. Men will always smoking when they`re depressed, a lot for a smoker and a beginning for a beginner. Seriously most of them will.

Enjoy this. I interpreted some of the lyrics.

The All American Reject – Swing Swing

Days swiftly come and go.
I'm dreaming of her
She's seeing other guys
Emotions they stir
the sun is gone.
The nights are long
and I am left while the tears fall.
# Oh this is the most hated part, when u keep crying all night missing you beloved one. All he saw was just darkness overwhelming him, no sun, long night.

Did you think that I would cry,
on the phone?
Do you know what it feels like,
being alone?
I'll find someone new

(Swing) Swing, Swing from the tangles of
my heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way
to carry on again.

Wish cast into the sky
I'm moving on
Sweet beginnings do arise
She knows I was wrong
the notes are old,
they bend, they fold
and so do I to a new love.
# seems like he did something wrong to his girlfriend, and they have been a couple for quite a long time.

Did you think that I would cry,
on the phone?
Do you know what it feels like,
being alone?
I'll find someone new

(Swing) Swing, Swing from the tangles of
My heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way
To carry on again

Bury me
(you thought your problems were gone)
Carry me
(away. away, away...)

[Chorus fades till end]
(Swing) Swing, Swing from the tangles of
My heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way
To carry on again

Saturday, December 19, 2009

27 thoughts for the time being.

1. I have a lab report to do, yet still blogging.
2. Its already 3 times i went to toilet within half an hour.
3. I missed my Broga hill hiking trip due to my mobile phone.
4. My laptop battery has only 29% power left, and it will keep decreasing.
5. There`s 2 more chocolate left on the table given to me for my birthday.
6. I lost my glasses at McD, if not mistaken.
7. I cant stop my addiction to cigarette while studying 4 final exam.
8. My bass guitar need a scrutinize hygiene check-up.
9. Shisha at the castle last night wasnt so bad.
10. Its raining but i washed my blanket this morning. wtf
11. Frenz are going back. when will i? check thought 1.
12. Barbican wit shisha is a bad match for me.
13. My medication pills need a top-up.
14. Havent reach uptown since 4 months ago.
15. I must do my lab! why bother this?
16. I seriously need a new mobile phones.
17. Getting seriously irrated with some of my frenz.
18. I cant draw money! RM50 is too much!
19. Cant wait for next futsal session.
20. Cant wait for next MY jamm session.
21. Damn why she has to be so "semangat"??
22. My music files are all lost. ALL.
23. I am sleepy, why? 7 hours should be enuf.
24. Who cares if u drive a big car? u have a small ***** anyway.
25. Wonder why people act like animal nowadays.
26. Wonder why I myself love to watch korean tv shows lately. Omma!
27. Why 27???

Thursday, December 17, 2009

FYP is over (for now)

Lame jugak aku tak update blog. Nek berabuk aku tengok keyboard laptop aku. Bukan keyboard je. Skrin pon same. Gile bersih aku.

FYP aku da siap. Bertungkus-humus aku buat, tido kurang 10 jam dalam mase 3 hari sebelum dateline. Dengan x tidonye, mate bengkak, lembik menggeletar sebab x makan, nak hisap rokok pon terketar, pergh.. nikmatnya tahun tiga di Universiti Nottingham. Tapi syukur. Sempat gak aku hantar FYP aku, walaupun interim report sahaje. Interim je pon, sepatutnye simple2 je (kot), tapi group aku antar tebal gle kot. Same tebal ngan tesis form 5 aku dl. Canteek...

Nikmat sungguh bile beban di dade berkurang. Macam aku da nak graduate je rasenye time submit FYP report tuh. Menjerit2, tapi dalam ati a. Submit je report, terus aku pikir nak qada 3 bende, tido, makan, rokok. Serius aku x sdar camane aku leh abeskan 5 batang lepas aku beli rokok tu.. sedar2 aku hisap lima batang dah, yang tepi2 aku sume x isap, kompem a aku yang abeskan 5 tu. Cheit.

Tapi tak setel lagi sebenarnye. Ade lab report plak.. tapi slow2 a. Hidup nak kene enjoy dulu lepas buat kerje bagai nak gile. Kene release sket. Kalau tak meletup kepale otak. Betol3.

lawa lak design tin PEPSI ni..

kalut isap shisha..

acap legend.

pasangan paling hot di facebook masekini.

sakit otak makan otak2. kepale hotak ko!

p / s : teringat kat member yang tido dalam computer room sebab bersengkang mate buat FYP.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Aku nak korang suma tahu bahawasanya nyawa itu adalah sangat penting.

Nyawa ni cam tanggungjawab yang Tuhan bg kat manusia ni, tak kira a ISLam ke bukan Islam pon.

Sebab tu mane2 agama dalam dunia ni mengharamkan bunuh diri - bukan ajaran sesat a, tu manusia yang tak bertanggungjawab cube rase nak bertanggungjawab atas sume bende.

Tulah beza manusia dan TUhan -- keupayaan menghidupkan sesuatu. Boleh korang pijak semut smpi hancoq pastu revive balik? pergh! Einstein pon jadi hitam balik kot rambut die kalau die coba.

Nape aku begitu keROHANIan pagi ni?

Satu insiden kecil di kala aku membuang sampah maghrib smalam a yang mengacau aku sekejap. Anak2 kucing yang terbiar tepi jalan tu belambak2. tengah syok die dok lari dari aku yang tak berniat nak kejar die tu, boleh die terbabas masuk longkang. terkesima jup aku. bukan pe, naseb bek jatuh longkang. Kalau kene langgar tetibe camne?

Peringatan dari Tuhan tu ade kat mane2 beb.

p / s : Miang satu badan tebas tebu. Nak tebu tak??

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sangap dowh.
Macam2 aku sangap skang.
Sangap nak jamming - campo ngan pick gtar aku patah sume lagi a patah hati.
Sangap nak futsal - dekat seminggu da tak sepak bola, rase nak sepak orang pon ade.
Sangap nak kuar KL - member oversea pon da stat buzz aku ajak jumpe.
Sangap nak pegi mandi air terjun - adoiyai sedih.
Sangap nak barbeque - lame sangat tak barbeque ngan member2, asyik ngan sepupu papat je.



sedih, assignment da lock aku dari buat bende2 di atas.
campo dengan exam yang makin lame makin rapat. shuh shuh~

p/s : mane lighter? sangap ni.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


terus terang, smalam dan hari ni merupakan satu experience yang bagus bagi aku. tak pernah aku layan sukan dodgeball, stakat tau baling elak tangkap aku rase da cukop kot. dan bile budak2 ni join dodgeball untuk melebatkan memori tahun tiga depa, aku rase dodgeball ni bagus ntuk memeriahkan suasana gumbira di kala semue student tak kire course tak kire year sedang sibuk memecahkan kepale memikirkan courseworks dan assigments depa.

ye la, bile smue orang da join dodgeball ni, maksud aku yang jarang tgk muke kat sport complex petang2 pon join gak, sure ramai yang datang tengok. keharmonian tu best skali. haha. ramai orang ade, yang men bersemangat waja, yang x men seronok je aku tengok bersorak. siap men lambung2 lagi player walaupun match x habes lagi. gile happening. tukang amek gambar pening -- semue scene die nak amek. una una..

the best part is the supporters. sorak kaw2. sorang jerit sane, sorang jerit sini. bersorak macam2. "BUNUH!!" pon ade, walhal men dodgeball je. tgk dowg menjerit pergh.. macam tgh tgk kelantan lawan negeri sembilan pon ade. pastu semue sakit tekak ramai2. semue suare stok salim je..

Excitement tu kene ade. Baru layan.

p/s : cepat siut rokok aku abes. ish2.

Monday, November 23, 2009


First of all, what is Parkway Drive (PD)? A road? A parking lot? Or a band? Well, yup its a band. Such a weird name, yet they are so rock!!! Yeah!!!

So, who the fuck is Parkway Drive? Simply to say, PD is a metal core band from Australia, yet they way they played reflecting a lot of music style, from classical to punk-rock style. This 5-piece band songs are something really worth to hear, as they are the only one band who managed to increase the selling of their CD`s from 150 something to over 1000 in just two years. They even numbered in mainstream charts without any song played via radio station or MTV. Yeah, they are wildly popular out there. Its fascinating that there is a band who manage to do this without the help from media.

Earlier this year (May if not mistaken), they had released a DVD set , a documentary about their journey to what they have become today and a live set. To be honest, I was so impressed after watching this DVD. That documentary showed their journey from just an unknown band to something that people willing to queue all day long for their show. Lots of happy and sad memories, their unstoppable spirit to fight for their band, it was all really worth to watch. Plus their live set performance was so exciting, watching thousand of fans sang along with them is a real proof of how their efforts in bringing up "Parkway Drive" were really paid off.

Why people love metal core genre? Many people maybe dislike this, indicating that the way they scream it not considered singing. Always referred back to black metal. Haha. Well ladies and gentleman, I representing the fans here would like to say that this is not true. They are many reasons why people love this genre. The act of playing during live show, the fast-tempo songs, the technical play metal always used, the breakdown, and also the guitar solo. This is it. This is why Parkway Drive is one of the best metal core band I`ve ever heard of, especially their breakdown, which is so good to me.

In short, I not saying that I fuck other genres. I am universal, learning to all kind of music. Muse, Lenka, Girl`s Generation. The more I hear, the more that I can know about people around the world, their inspiration, their style.

p / s : But I am a rocker. Enjoy band performance more than others.

Quick thinking in the morning

The world is so weird, you know.

Its funny when we said instant noodles is enough for dinner ONLY at the end of the month.

Its sad when we have no one to talk about our good news.

Its emotional when mom hugs their children with tears.

Its scary when you unprepared but still going to exam.

Its angry when your shot is just an inch away from giving your team a winning goal.


well, it IS hungry when I am writing this. Let make our (you and me) world better by having breakfast first. erk...

p / s : bored when its cereal for the whole week, but who cares?

Tahun Tiga yang ber-GELI-ga

Oh dunie. Kenape ko berubah begitu drastik skali. Dari suaue ketike di mane aku masih mampu untuk bermain futsal hari2 kepada satu keadaan di mane nk cari mase datang ke Sport Complex menjadi sangat sukar. Oh dunie..

Dalam sekelip mate semue macam payah. inilah bahaye dowh. ni permulaan kepada pengakhiran. pengakhiran hidup rilek-dulu-lepak-jap aku. dengan keje yang bertimpe2 xreti2 nak berehat langsung, aku rase berat badan aku pon dah mule meningkat walaupun x betape drastik. Isap rokok pon macam xde feel je, habis camtu je time kepala otak still fikir keje je..

tapi CHILL ar.. haha. pikir positif sket. tengok ape yang aku dapat dari smue bende yang meninggikan tekanan darah aku ni. selain daripada keje2 yang ade perkembangan dari minggu ke minggu, member2 pon dah bertambah ramai. yela, jumpe2 hari2, tapi time final year ni a br nk rapat2. Sume buat keje, tension, lepak kat luar isap rokok k ape k, pastu sembang. Kire release tension gak a, walaupun sebenarnye idak..

p/s : bertaun da x pegi KL.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Celcom Broadband

Internet memang merupakan satu keperluan yang penting hari ini, baik kepada businessman, student dan sape saje. Siyes penting. Aku sebagai seorang student memang sngt2 memerlukan keadaan yang berInternet memandangkan uni aku adalah sebuah uni yang menggunakan email danlaman web sebagai medium untuk menyebarkan nota, memaklumkan keputusan peperiksaan dan untuk apa jua bentuk pengumuman. memang kebanyakan universiti skrang, swasta lebih2 memilih untuk menggunakan internet berbanding nak print nota berlambak2 untuk student. Student pon bukan smuenye pegi kelas. paling kuat pon kirim kat member a. pengalaman beb pengalaman.. hehe

tapi kan, orang macam aku pon, bukan sebagai student, aku gambarkan sebagai remaje a, sebenarnye menggunakan Internet pada kadar yang kerap gak. Tak caye? Banyak. check email, facebook, blogging, chatting (geng2 awek a ni), beli barang internet, buat bisnes part-time, download tab guitar, macam2 lagi. siyes penting. aku smpi ade member yang boleh x klua umah kalau internet ni laju cam sial. xbleh hidup tanpe internet a kununnye. kaki download pon satu. Kalau dapat bandwith tinggi, nak download macam2. member tersekse nak bukak google pon sakit mane pk. hadui2. internet2.

Hampir due tahun aku hidup berInternet ni, kire aku da taw a camne nak pakainye. Banyak mane aku pakai, banyak mane orang pakai. So bile aku da di final year, aku amek inisiatif sndiri, nak pakai Broadband sendiri. ala yang pakai stick tu, men cucuk je. senang. banyak untung kl aku pakai. Walaupun bayar lebih, aku leh pakai kat mane2. Speednye kl boleh biar a padan dgn keperluan aku, bukak email, download cite sket2, lagu2, tab guitar, buffer video kat youtube, tu je.. Tapi telco ramai, maxis broadband de, celcom broadband de, digi pon de, streamyx lagi, tapi yang paling gempak orang dok sbut2 skang P1 a. yang paling latest dan up-to-date a tu.

yang paling penting skali kalau kite nak pakai internet, kite kene survey dl. survey yang paling berpatutan, padan dengan keperluan kite dan bajet kite. jadi aku survey dl kesemue jenis broadband yang ade di malaysia ni. Maxis broadband ade pakejnye sendiri, diorang bagi modem free. tapi masalahnye performance die updown. tak stabil. digi x menarik minat aku. haha. streamyx xleh, pasal aku x jumpe pakej portable die dan aku rase streamyx seswai dipakai ramai2. Coverage penting kalau kite nak pakai yang portable2 nih, so berdasarkan coverage, Celcom Broadband adalah telco yang paling memuaskan. Coverage HSDPA lagi, over 3.6 Mbps. mencanak. P1 laju gak, tapi kat semenyih xde coverage, walaupun die ade pakej mini -- P1 Wimax Wiggy.

Celcom Broadband sangat complex, tapi seswai. die ade banyak pakej. untuk broadband prepaid pon ade, so aku anggap Celcom mmg ok. Banyak plan, yang speed 384kbps sendiri pon terbahagi kepade due, satu kene beli modem sendiri dan satu lagi modem die sendiri bagi. same condition kalau speed 3.6 Mbps. harga sendiri pk a, meningkat selaras dengan speed yang ditawarkan. bagi aku, 384kbps tu dah cukup ok, sebab setau aku, dengan 50 kbps pon aku leh buffer video kat youtube. ditambah lak dengan Fair Usage (kapasiti untuk download) sebanyak 5Gb. Ok tuh!

So xyah cite panjang a, skang ni aku amek pakej tu a. Basic Broadband, up to 384kbps, fair usage 5Gb, montly Rm68. Berbaloi-baloi.

p/s : boleh jadi promoter ni..

Excitement of jamming

First of all, for you information, jamming is a music session with music instruments as guitars, drum, piano and else, played alone or with friends. I love jamming, frankly speaking, as I found the excitement of it while enjoying with with our best buddies. Not everyone fond of it, plus for the record, my very own parents are strongly against it. really. However, I still jamming during my free time till today, as long as it didn`t reach them. Hehe.

"best ke jamming?" well, its a hard one to answer. I dont know if its a general opinion, but when it comes to people around me -- "hey its cool!". thats their answer. either boys or girls. but not for most adults. a waste of time, or useless, they said. men`s opinion and women`s opinion sometimes are the same, or sometimes not. let just ignore them, I`d say. remember, in the first hand, we are the one who jamming, or at least we Who WANT to, not them. we are the one who strumming. we are the one who slapping the bass, and we are the one who rolling the drum. we are the one who JAMMING. say what?

p/s : damn i love jamming.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Makan Kaki?

Rilekslah, bukan makan kaki orang. aku rakyat malaysia yang sejati, justeru itu aku bukan seorang kanibal.perkara yang aku maksudkan di atas adalah tabiat makan kaki LEMBU. terkejut? kenape? korang ingat kaki lembu xleh makan k?

Boleh sebenarnye. bukan semua bahagian kaki tu, bahagian buku lali ngan tapak die je.. mule-mule bahagian tu akan dibakar supaya bahagian kukunye senang dibuang. Kemudian kite siang bahagian tersebut, amek bahagian-bahagian isi kat situ. pastu buat sup, dan biasanya kite akan tumbuk lada hitam disebabkan sup tu tawar. itu je.

ape yang best kat sini, bile dah siap untuk dihidangkan, sikit je yang nak makan. maksud aku bagi yang dah biase dengan resepi ini, sup kaki lembu ni mesti tangkap leleh punye. tapi bagi yang tak pernah (kebanyakannya), mereka akan tolak mentah2 bende ni. Ape yang diorang fikir? Macam makan tapak kaki lembu. lembu kan banyak pijak taik a itu a ini a. pelik tol. kaki ayam tu tak pijak taik k? gile kentang.

sebenarnye, banyak gak orang ade tabiat pelik bile nak makan bende yang jarang orang makan ni. contoh, buntut ayam tu, stakat yang aku nampak, ramai sngat laki suka makan part tu, sebab isi lembut dan takde tulang. pompuan tak. geli, kate depe. kalau korang nak taw, orang Jawa aku dengar siap ade yang buat kulit lembu masak cili api. hah tu die. lagi otai..

tak salah kalau kite taknak makan. orang takbleh pakse, pasal perut kite, bukan perut diorang, kan?

p/s : aku tak suke makan sangat dalam hotel (buffet dll). ntah asal.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Jangkaan di bulan Ramadhan? Banyakkan.
Aku rase smue org ade jangkaan2 tertentu.
Instead of nak pose penuh, xnak tinggal terawikh, nk tahan nafsu dll..

Aku rase yang diatas pon, ramai niat, tapi ramai gak tinggal..
Macm aku gak.

Yang len??

++nak tambah berat badan?

++nak kuruskan badan?

++nak latih badan jgn cepat letih?

++nak jadi lagi rajin, tolong mak?

++nak melantak dan tgk tv je?

Yang penting ikhlas.. tu dah cukup besar aa maknenyee..

p/s : sejuk siut pagi2 -- cane nak tido balik pas shur ni??

Thursday, August 20, 2009

H Satu N Satu (H1N1)

Terukkan H1N1 skang? Setiap hari ade je kes, setiap hari ade je org mati. Bukan kat luar, tapi kat Malaysia sendiri pon dah cukup parah dah. Aku sendiri pon dah jadi takut dah. Dulu boleh lagi cakap, tapi bile diri sendiri tengok statistic H1N1, telan air liur aku. Bayang a, topeng tu pon da jadi barang kawalan skang, bukti betape pentingnye mencegah H1N1 tu. Sampai RM6 pon ade jual.. Topeng camner a tu smpi RM6? Agak2 kalau pakai memang trus sembuh kot..

p/s : H1N1 pon da kelam kabut, H1N2?? H2N1???

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to KL

It has been quite a long time since the last time I updated my blog - last week I think. And again, this week is another terrible week, for me as far as i know. There is a test that I must pass on 16th of June (yesterday) to enable me to continue my industrial training, called NIOSH. Such a long name, it just a test of safety and health during our time in the plant. The test must be taken, to gain a license, or a permit to work or even to stay onsite. Plus, the venue of it was at Kemaman, 7-hours bus travelling from Kuala Lumpur. This is not a bad new, since I can ask to go to my hometown in Kuala Terengganu and stay there a few days before the exam, and fortunately, permission granted. Yeah. 6 months apart from family - damn I miss my siblings.

So it began. I went back to Terengganu on Friday, stayed there for two and a half days before I went straight away to Kemaman for the test. Two and a half days isnt enough, but its still a holiday for me. Other students enjoying 3 months holiday while I having so little time to enjoy myself due to the industrial training. Its a pain in the ass, but for now, its the best. Its best to suffer now than have to endure so much pain in the future, I mean next year. Sorry Mom, it will be better next time, I promise.

NIOSH test was so boring. It was terrible for me even before the program started. I am so sure that I am the only participant who appeared so formal there, wearing plain chocolate T-shirt and Dockers pant, along with a casual black shoes at there. So sure that I noticed some people shocked while looking at me. They must have been thinking this - "skema gler mamat ni.." Seriously. Its not me who want to appear in that manner, it just that is the only shoes I had at that time. Love it or not, that`s what I did. In addition, my friend and I had several difficulties which not suppose to happen at that time. We did not know that we as trainees have to pay the exam fees all by ourselves, total of RM250. Plus, we also being informed that this test only required 1 passport-sized photo, and unfortunately when we arrived there, they need

Briefing session of almost 7 hours continuously was sure a hell for me if they didnt allowed the participants for 4 times of break. Since the foods and drinks were supplied, I can say that it was a convienient day yesterday. Haha. The briefing was so long, but the test so so simple. I hope that I`ll pass that test. InsyaAllah.

Later on the same day, we both went back to KL. Decided to start entering office tomorrow, but somehow on some unexpected reason, we have to skip work that day (haha).

p/s : Hate entering office. Got nothing to do.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Blur. Rase cam nak update blog, tapi cam dah terlalu lewat.
Tapi kalau baring, proses pejam-celik tu berlarutan agak lama a.
Baik tulis blog kejup, kan?

Nak tulis, tapi ape?
Takde isu. BUkan, ade.. tapi tak ingat dan tak rajin nak ingat.
Tak susah. Tengok je kanan kiri atas bawah. Da.
Dapat idea da. KEbersiHan diri.

Sungguh malu untuk kunyatakan, tapi kubocorkan juga.
Bilik aku bersepah. Tapi bukan permeanent. Temporary.
Haha...... haha.
Balik keje memang pikir nak tido je.
Dalam kete cakap je lebat, nak asar a, itu a, ini a.
Buat taik mate gak.

Bersepah dowh.
Korang tau kan yang HYGIENE LEVEL tu?
Ala, yang A -sangat bersih, B -.. pebende ntah..
Terlintas di pikiran kecik aku ni, aku ni kalau nak dilabelkan, huruf ape a?
Kekadang je kut.
Boleh je.

Tapi aku still kemas.
Walaupun lipat baju letak atas lantai.
Walaupun men gitar pastu letak je atas katil.
Susunan teratur, tapi tulah.
Orang still cakap macam tongkang pecah.
Orang still cakap bersepah.

Nilah ape yang aku pikir sebelom aku tido dan berdengkur.
Banyak ag sebenarnye, tapi aku rase aku cam ngarut je kalau cite smue.
Cam pelik.
Aku tak pelik.
Cume boring.
Dan tak ngantuk.
Tadi a.
Skang tak dah.

p / s : Tempat semayang jangan dilupa.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Perlukah kite mengambilkira hal ehwal kebajikan orang laen dalam membuat sesuatu keputusan?
Camne kalau kite je yang pikir, die tak??

Perlukah kite meminta maaf sekiranya kite berbuat salah?
Camne kalau kite je yang mintak, die tak??

Perlukah kite bertegas dalam sesuatu perkara?
Camne kalau kite yang bertegas, diacuh-acuhkan, sedangkan depa tak??

Perlukah kite bertanye kalau tak pasti?
Camne kalau kite diajukan kembali soalan sekiranya bertanye jugak??

Haha. Instant thinking. Aku br bangun tido, dan boring...

p / s : Perlukah akan komen2 terhadap post2 dalam blog selame ni?
Penting ke komen itu, kalau tak komen cane? Sedih tak penulis blog kalau post2nyer tak berkomen?


Memang berhemah.. Aku suke sial tengak situasi2 camni.. Hilang tensi kejup.. Kejup je a..


Dalam sedar tak sedar, dalam mulut bising maki orang2 KL yang memandu dengan "cemerlang", dalam ngantuk2 bangun awal nak pegi keje, rupe - rupenye da seminggu aku buat latihan perindustrian (industrial training).. Bahasa simplenye praktikal a.. Kejap je, ade lagi sebelas minggu untuk diteruskan.. Insyaallah harap2 lancar a kehendaknye..

Baru je seminggu aku praktikal, macam2 aku dah diexposedkan. Rupenye banyak sangat bende yang aku dengar perit, sebenarnye sangat perit kalau aku sendiri yang kene. Bangun pagi, standard la kalau kite praktikal memang a kene bangun awal.. Cube buat, aku buat seminggu pon perit. HAHA. Siyes, nak bangun awal tu susah.. First day tu aku sendiri tergelak, awal sial aku subuh ari ni.. biase 7 lebey baru subuh.. ni 6 da subuh da.. dasyat2..

Lepas tu traffic jam. Memang sakit ati.. bangun lambat sket je terus PADAN MUKE.. Memang berbaloi bangun lambat! Itu satu pengalaman a, macamane seksenye kite tersekat dalam traffic jam, sekse lagi orang yg memandu tu, laagii sekse orang bawak manual.. Kan?? Campur dengan tak breakfast lagi, memang tak OK mood bile masuk office..

Tapi alhamdulillah, aku dapat praktikal kat tempat yang bagi aku cukup bagus. Bagus macamane? Syarikat tu tak besar sangat, bukan kat kate company tu miskin, tapi bende yang aku nak cakap ialah aku tak terase sangat tekanan bile first time masuk office. Ye la, orang sket kan, memang a kurang tekanan sket. Di tambah lagi dengan staff2 yang peramah, dan suasana kerje yang sempoi - takde a senyap je 8 sampai 5.. Yang paling aku respek bos aku la. Cukup berwibawa. Betol, ni bukan nak jadi kaki sedut, tak, tapi kagum dengan care kepimpinannye. Care die uruskan masalah dan hal2 pejabat, cukup teratur. Respek2. Bile aku nak jadi camtu e??

Time praktikal ni lah julung2 kalinye aku dihadapkan dengan situasi kesesakan lalulintas yang melampau di area Shah Alam. Cukup melampau, ditambah plak dengan care pemanduan orang di situ, memang boleh naik darah kalau sape yang tak bawak bersabar. Tak bagi jalan die mencelah, bagi jalan pon mencelah smpai nak eksiden. Hadui... Ditambah lagi dengan teksi2 ngan bas2, memang tak berhati perut kadang2 dibuatnye. Mane taknye, kalau teksi tu memang teruk, nak mencelah tu ikut sedap ati je, dengan tak bagi signal a, dengan lajunye lagi.. Bas pon satu, besar gle kot nak mencelah.. Agak2 lah.. Macam mane kadar kemalangan kat Msia tak menurun kalau smue buat perangai camtu??

Kesimpulannye, hidup bekerja memang susah. Bek kite belajar dulu puas2, baru stat keje. Sebab bile kite da bekerja, bile kite da stat bgn awal, stat masuk office, stat kene spare duit untuk tol, memang ligat untuk kite pusing balik, buat anjakan paradigma untuk sambung belajar balik.

p / s : Pegi balik same je. Tensi. Sebab tu a kene cari member. Baru kurang sket tekanan.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Macam ni punye sign pon ade k.. Setau aku memang ade due je, kalau tak halal, haram.. Tapi kalau arak tu memang sah2 a haram. Tidak ditanggung halal pejadahnye???

Friday, May 29, 2009

RINDU lah!!

Haha. The tag may be a little childish. But its TRUE. I am missing someone, or it is something? Nah. A lot actually. I miss my family, my mom, dad, my little brother and sister. Its quite sad ya know whenever we called our parents to talk, our little brother and sister were whispering behind saying -- "mak, bile abang nak balik??". It still trashing my heart to hear that, it really made me felt guilty for a while. Yeah maybe someone will said to me -- "so caring, so sensitive", and you know what, f**k them. I still a normal human, have a heart to feel and have eyes to cry even though many frenz of mine said I am so metal. Plus, i do feel that its a need to miss ur parents rather than sumthing else which can dragged us from missing them.

What about missing my hometown? Yeah. Me too. The smell of mom`s cooking, the aroma of our hometown (ade k?haha), the neighbourhood, the accent used there, damn i miss them. Especially your mom`s cooking, its like a legal drug to every person. haha. so addicted to "ayam masak lemak cili api" made by mom. I wish i can invite all my frenz to try that, sure sempoi lah!!

Now that i`ve got an internship practical in KL for three months onward, it must be very difficult for me to go home. Three months bai... If I am going to go back to home after that period, it would be a total of almost 6 months my little brother missed me. But dont worry, I`ll find sometime, maybe I will join them, although only for a while, during weekend. Hope so. Can or not? Boleh kot...

p/s : Missed her so much.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Aku rase da ramai kot yang tahu pasal kiub Rubik ni. tapi ramai yang sekadar tau je.. maksud aku, tau kiub Rubik tu ape, tapi tak tau camne nak selesaikan kiub tu. Kan? Tapi kan, berape ramai yang tau asal usul kiub Rubik ni? Asal kiub Rubik? Sape Rubik ni? Sedara kakak ipar aku k? Ini mane datang ni? Haha. Asalnye, permainan kreatif ni dicipta oleh seorang profesor arkitek dan pengarca dari Hungary, Erno Rubik pade taun 1974. Haa.. Inilah sebab kenape kiub tu dipanggil Rubik. Ada faham??

Rubik ni best. Lagi2 kalau kite taw camne nak selesaikan trick tu, maksudnye taw untuk siapkan puzzle tu a. Tapi sepanjang hayat aku bermain rubik ni, hanye satu jenis rubik je yang penah aku jumpe, yakni yang 3×3×3 tu. Jenis 3×3×3 ni dipanggil Rubik`s cube, kire ini pioneer nyer la... tapi kan, untuk info, sebenarnye banyak lagi jenis rubik ni, ni sebenarnye, Rubik kiub yang kite selalu men ni tersangat a senang (senang a sangat.).. ade banyak lagi variasi2 kiub yang lagi canggih, lagi susah nak selesai dan sememangnye lagi sial. Antaranye Rubik's Revenge (also known as the Master Cube), Sudoku`s Cube, V-Cube 7, Professor's Cube, V-Cube 6, Pocket Cube dan Rubik's Revenge. Rubik2 jenis ni mmg sangat susah, dan aku sendiri pon nak sangat cari jenis2 ni. Susah sebab ape? Standard cube, maksud aku Rubik`s Cube tu, diselesaikan based on center color of one side. Setiap side memang diasingkan based on color, and untuk kiub Rubik, color tu fix. pastu yang lagi 8 petak tu mesti kene same color ngan yang tengah. Tapi unfortunately, kiub2 yg lagi setan tu, for example Rubik`s Revenge, satu side bukan ade 9 petak, tapi 16 petak, sebab structure die 4×4×4. So center die ade 4 a, dan boleh ditukar2, tak fix. To solve this, kene a decide center ni wane ape, dan semestinye beruban rambut untuk selesaikan. Bagi yang cepat marah, kalau nk main gak and nak beli, better beli due trus. Jangan beli satu.

Sebab ape aku cakap main puzzle jenis ni best, banyak. Bagi aku a, bende puzzle ni bagus untuk training before exam. hehe. Why? Untuk try selesaikan bende ni, kite aku mesti akan cuba pusing mane2 side dalam kiub tu. Cuba, cuba dan cuba lagi. Ade banyak cara ntuk try, kalau tak boleh this side, try other side. Or try twist this side 2 times and then see what happen. Macam tu lah. Better set time, sbeb situasinye same cam dalam exam, time kite nak selesaikan soalan exam tu. Kalau xleh care ni, try care len, tapi kene cepat a. Sebijik dalam exam. Pendekkan cerita, main kiub Rubik ni macam melatih solving skill kita la.. Aku xtau a pandangan orang len cane, tapi bagi aku macam tu lah.

Selain itu, aku rase Rubik ni boleh jugak digunakan untuk menggambarkan keputusan yang kita amek. Sebagai contoh, kalau kite pusing satu side dalam kiub Rubik tu, kite mesti perasan yang side2 lain mesti akan berubah jugak. Same a macam keputusan tu. Kalau kite decide untuk satu keputusan, mesti akan ade org yg suka dan tak suke akan keputusan kite tu. Sebab itulah kalau kite nak buat satu2 keputusan tu, pikir betol2. Pastikan keputusan tu diambil selepas kite dah pikir masak2. cee... macam consultant je aku ni, padahal amek engineering.. takleh blah.

Apehal pon, ni sume game je.. Game yang bagi aku sangat berfaedah untuk pembangunan pemikiran smue orang, tak kire peringkat umur. Aku stat men menatang ni time form 4 kot, mase tu respek gle senior aku leh setelkan jauh lagi cepat dari aku. Dulu a.. skang da pro. ehehe.

p/s : Jangan bazir mase men Rubik je. Tak gune jugak..

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Semalam aku keluar jadi kelawar. Melepak di malam hari. Plan tu memang ade, macam2. Nak tengok wayang, nak lepak ngan member, nak pegi downtown. tapi satu pon tak jadi. Plan nak tengok wayang tak jadi, weekend memang hari yang kite takleh nak lepak2, rilek2 kalau nak tengok wayang -- penuh. so cancel. Nak lepak di ABC cheras, shisha takde. memang hancus. so next location, bandar tasik permaisuri. naseb bek sane ok. so macam tu a.. lepak di sane, kunun2nya nak menghabiskan mase melepak bersame2 member yang da abes exam, sanggup berkorban sedangkan exam tak abes ag.. nak buat macam mane, kite merancang je.. tuhan yang tentukan.

Tapi pointnye di sini bukan bende tu. aku ditakdirkan untuk menyaksikan satu kejadian yang agak memilukan di situ, di bandar tasik permaisuri. Yeke ke bandar tasik permaisuri. haha. ternampak seorang lelaki buta, dipimpin oleh seorang perempuan yang agak berusia, bergerak dari meja ke meja untuk memohon sekelumit ikhlas dari warga kota. Sampai kat meje aku, entah camne aku terase nak bagi. Selok dompet, semue merah. aku hulur satu not merah, smue ooooo.. Dapat tisu 2 bungkus kecik. dan mereka bergerak lagi, menuntut ihsan dari warga kota.

Aku bukan nk cakap yang tisu kat KL ni mahal nak mampos. Aku bukan nk promote aku baik, bagi derma Rm10, sedangkan smayang sendri pon tak terjage, ngumpat orang apatah lagi. Tapi ape yang aku nak kongsi, nak dedahkan ape yg aku rase, ape yg aku pikir adalah berkenaan lelaki buta tadi. Aku ni tak baek sangat, sumpah. Haha. Aku rase pon smalam yg aku bg derma tu pon first time dlm 2 3 bulan ni.. Pasal ape aku bg derma smalam, haaa.. Ni a cite die.. Penah dulu aku lepak kat tempat len, ditakdirkan jugak aku encounterd bende2 kutip derma ni. tapi makcik tu tak datang kat aku. aku tengok je die jalan. Yang sedih sangat2nye, die siap jalan dlm kedai, pastu pegi luar lagi mintak derma, tapi sorang pon tak layan. Yang aku ingat, dekat 20 meje lebeyh die lalu, tapi orang pandang je, bagi derma pon tak, siap halau pon ade kot. Sedeyh doh...

Perangai teruk a. Serius. Bukan nak kutuk sape2, tapi takkan hati orang2 KL ni hitam nak mampus smpai tak terbukak langsung hati diorang untuk derma at least RM1 untuk mereka2 yang sepatutnye. Pernah dulu aku ditegur sebab bagi Rm5 kat makcik mintak sedekah. member aku ckp - "hish, entah2 tipu.." Memang, kekadang bende camtu ade, sindiket pakse makcik @ budak2 kecik mintak sedekah.. tapi kan, ape salahnye ko niatkan ikhlas sedekah tu?? Kalau die tipu fine a. Masuk neraka a die. Haram a ape yang die dapat dari sekelumit duit aku tu. Tapi kalau tak?? Ko nak cover yang ko malas nak bagi sedekah???

Setan tol a.

Korang semue tengok masyarakat KL hari ni, melayu particularly. Macam omputih. Nak jadi mat salleh, atuk aku kabor.. Makan nak fast food je, baju nak ketat je. Fast food tu, kalau satu set McD @ KFC, ko boleh dapat 2 pinggan nasi goreng siap ngan air lagi. Baju pendek, seksi, ketat tapi dikategorikan "branded", "moden" boleh cost kite up to Rm200 -300 per item. Gilekan orang sekarang? Kain tak cukup pon die bleh kate style, and sanggup berbelanje besar for that.

Tapi kan, its up to you. Aku x kesah, aku bukan mak bapak korang. Tapi ingatkan a kat mereka yang memerlukan. Hidup susah memang susah, bukan cakap je.. Aku nk muhasabah diri, di samping memunasabahkan fakta dunia sekarang.

p/s : Da a jumpe Mak Nyah smalam.. Teruk2..

Friday, May 22, 2009


Credit to and for the info

Muse have revealed through their Twitter account that the title of their new album will be 'The Resistance'.

The band have been recording the follow up to 2006's 'Black Holes And Revelations' for several months with Matt Bellamy calling it Classic FM friendly.

In a webchat with fans at the end of 2008, Bellamy told fans during a webchat that the record could include a three-part symphony.

He said:“As a large percentage of the composition is orchestral, I have never wanted to collaborate with a string arranger as they may make it 'theirs',” he said.

“So I have been arranging the orchestral elements myself which is taking a long time due to my inexperience with large scale scoring.

“It should hopefully make the next album as the final three tracks.”

The band plan to tour the UK, Europe and US this autumn.


What`s otaku??

Otaku is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games.

This is a general definition. Ask the Japanese, and they may answered you - otaku is nerd @ geek. Their own nation has labelled this type of people with such negative impression. Trust me, although they claimed not, but some of them do.

Honestly, I like to read manga such as Naruto, Bleach, Eye Shield 21 and many more. Hey, this has become a phenomena to this world today, to some extend la.. not to all people. You cant expect that this men @ women who look cool with cars or sports is not a person with manga or anime or anything related to that in their mind. As for me, I enjoyed playing sports, jamming with friends during weekend but I still read manga, almost everyday. Get life people. People are not grouped by people impression, but by their interest.

p / s : People look fool if they r tryin to look cool, sometimes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wanna get laid??

first of all, the quote above is not something i really said. it just a quote from a popular improvisional comedy tv show - WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY. For anyone who knows that, they will surely knew which part i m talking about. and for those who doesnt, anyone who loves to watch improvisional comedy, especially US version in which their jokes were mostly unbounded, spontaneous plus spastic, this comedy show is highly recommended by me. haha.

gosh. it is almost a fortnight that i havent updating my blog. what can i say, exam mode has increased the gap between my laptop and me.. but so much things happen within that period. i have been witnessing so many situation, from how such a small thing can lead to a fight until how important the seatbelt function to passengers.

by the way, my highest sympathy and thoughts towards family and friends. one of my campus student died from an accident few days ago, during lunchtime in front of my campus.

so many thing to say, so many thoughts to share, but time consuming me. in short, everything happen is just something your cannot predict or you are aware of it consequences. who knows, things you might think it as a minor thought could make your regret until afterward? who knows, easy things could appear to be outside of your expectation? who knows, preparation we did shud be a little bit more?

p/s : exam mode -less time blogging doesnt meant more time studying. clueless. haha

Sunday, May 3, 2009

phones and their bond with people

people are complex - sometimes weird. why?

  • rich people, latest mobile phone - "Aah.. ni latest one, baru klua smalam.."
  • rich people, simple mobile phone - "This is enough la.."
  • common people, latest mobile phone - WTF?? [nak show-off k pe?!!]
  • common people, simple mobile phone - "tak mampu nk angkat yg mahal.."

believe it or not, mobile phones can also help us judging people. Cuz mobile phones is a need now, not just accessories like before. even a 10-years old toddler is rarely found now without a mobile phones.

p/s : phone without credit is just like cigarettes without lighter -- useless.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

which one??

i dont know if the other universities either local or not do this, but for mine, the exam papers are mostly based from past year papers - whether they copy it directly or change the number, not the type of questions. if this happen, should we review on whole notes given, all example sheets provided or just relying on past year papers??

p/s : behemoth pressure on me.. help.. im dying..

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mayday mayday!!!

This is not an emergency, though "Mayday" mentioned above may caused lot of confusion. Many people today acknowledged this term as emergency @ distress signal or whatever it is. I believed most of Malaysian probably will think that way. But, the fun thing is how many Malaysian know that Mayday is also May Day a.k.a. Labour Day?

haha. i didnt expect much.

compressed with hot condition in my room, i was alerted with such a phenomenon i encountered today. there were so many people attending the common mosque i usually go to perform Friday`s prayer today. so many people - its enuf to said that i cannot find even a single space to left my slipper. what happened? why there is so many people there today??

suddenly I noticed the date today at my mobile phones. it is first of May. 1/5/2009. it is Labour Day today. no wonder. so many people are so free today.

its Labour Day!!!!!

haha - frankly speaking, this public holiday have no significant meaning on me. since i am also having a week of holiday (study week), the day today felt the same as yesterday - except for that traffic jam caused at the mosque.

p/s : Do people still go for Friday`s prayer if today is not a public holiday?? or not??

Thursday, April 30, 2009

study mod - tet tet teeeetttt...

it is only a week before my first final exam paper. time flows like nothing, it just a moment before i realized, damn - i`ve already this close to the end. haha. been through a miserable week - and now the hibernation phase is over. i must emerged from that laziness valley into an environment which trigger me to study. how is that??

hate to avoid, but also hate to admit, that the need of study is vital for the time being. got lot stuff to be covered in only a week - can i?? can kot..

but hey, no hard feeling
whether we like it or not, this is the most common panorama we can see, we can feel just before we entering the exam hall.

ye lah..

everyone hate preparing for exam, who doesnt??

p/s : tolong.. bg aku seminggu lg study week..

Monday, April 27, 2009

haha - -

xyah pk panjang.

yg pasti gambar ni x de unsur2 "tu"


glak puas2 sudey...


susah bai nk tido. entah. bukan aku amek viagra pon.

aku pandang depan - tandas - xleh tahan bau.

aku pandang blakang - hish - bass aku pon pandang aku gak..

aku pandang kiri - bile megi aku nk abes ni??

aku pandang kanan - berspah. basuh tau, lipat malas.

aku pandang atas - helicopter siut. siyes. bukan kipas tu cam heli tapi bunyik die tu. fuh..

aku pandang bwh - apehal?? aku baring kot..

p/s : aku terpandang sejadah!! bape lame aku x subuh eh??

kene pecah masuk.

25 april 2009. umah aku kene pecah ag, and this was the second time, not the first one. cibai. aku rase mmg die da target da umah aku ni. tau2 plak aritu ari jumaat, budak2 umah aku yg alim ni time tu kuar smayang jumaat kan, lagi la.. kaw2 die tibai. hui.. padahal ari tu kuar lambat, 135 pm camtu gerak.. mmg die tunggu. kompem.

naseb bek aku x kene pape.dok atas, rajin a plak die nk panjat. kesian kat acap kabut zufri ngan wan a. lg2 acap. laptop yg ilang tu,, kl aku pon mmg down.

tapi yg ni mmg mencabar a. siap2 pecah2 sliding door. nk mencuri nyer pasal. kene lak jiran sebelah umah mmg xde kanan kiri, lagi a menyirap. maner x sdapnye buat dose.. buat polis report pon skadar dtg je, check2, tu je.. report tu bleh a tolong nk retrieve lesen ic sume, tapi laptop ngan enset, jauh panggang dr api a..

suspek sape? ntah. penah nampak ade mamat melayu nek moto lalu2 depan umah, tapi bile kene spot, lari. da aware da. tapi member ckp ade nmpk ari tu india sorg due dok lalu lalang kat area tu. xtau a. yg pastinye aku berharap pencuri tu kene tangkap a. lepas tu sebat.haha.. kasi sebat smpi bernanah sket.. muahaha

p/s : rase2nye jadi kot pindah..

Friday, April 24, 2009

tekala mari!!

ni bukan maksiat! bukan!

penah dengar sungai tekale? sape org semenyih x taw mmg damn a. time aku tulis blog ni da nk dekat seminggu da dr tarikh aku pegi tekale tu. haha. keje banyak bai. tapi layan...

pegi pon da lambat da. plan nk pegi kol 8 k 9 pg, tapi tido kol 3 @ 4 pagi.. pekejadahnye nk bangun awal.. tapi xpe. smangat tekale tu x malap ag. ade lagi. ye a, bile bgn2 tu kol 11 daa, matahari da skt lagi dok atas kpale, mane de semangat sngt. ade pon mcm lampu lighter je.. sket2 je. pegi gak.. bantai.. 5 org da cukup happening da. cukup merrier a tu. tapi sampai terkejut gak dow.. ramai nk mampus.. xpenah hayat aku tgk sungai tekale pack cam arituh. ye a. sal sebelum ni aku dtg awal @ aku besenye dtg weekdays. first time datang time weekend ni a hasilnye. macam pesta. haha. ckap lebat, tapi standard a.. mmg patut ramai weekend kot.

sedey gak a, tgk port best org da amek. sape soh dtg kol 12 tghari. mmg gini le gamoknye.. haha. tapi cite best nye, kitorang nek smpi atas. paling atas agaknye. pastu br nk stat mande, ade a sorg mamat ni tgur. ckp dr kg tanjung k hape, tapi org semenyih gak kot. aku mcm plek sket a, sal gaye tgor pon cam high je.. bro.. org mane bro.. tapi x expect lgsg a mmg die tgh high. skali terpandang die dok mencanak bawah tebing tu sambil hisap gam. bapak sengal mamat ni. trus amek brg tukar port. mane tau. pastu bgtau skali or dekat2 situ, yg mamat ni hisap gam.. smue lari syial.. mcam die perogol bersiri je..

5 org je, tapi layan. tah camne a botol air besar tu leh jadi bahan permainan ari tuh. lepas botol dlm air, pastu cari ramai2. haha. padia xtaw. tapi kan, bende ape pon, kl ramai n ade org layan, sure syok nye..

nak balik tu sakit sket a. hujan lebat. jam a. tapi yg lg sadis, ade dahan pokok jatuh, hadang jalan. bukan satu, due. kompem jamm a. yg bawak moto xyah cite a. mandi due kali aritu, skali kat air terjun, skali mandi hujan. yg x g air terjun pon mandi gak. time tu gak a leh tgk org bawak kete cam cibai. haha.. yg nek moto mencelah xyah ckp a. nk bwak kete da a susah, lagi2 hujan, kabur cermin depan. mencarut je sume. yg mencelah nk berenti tolng alih dahan kayu pon kene maki gak.. campur lagi depan kete mayat bertalu nk pegi kat perkuburan Nirvana tuh..

layan beb. lame xg air terjun. wawawawa~~

p/s : oh yes yes.

troublesome week to be continued..

lame syial aku x update blog. keje blambak2. macam semut lak, skali dtg bertalu2. cam haram. hadui. penat bai, 3 coursework nak kene submit dlm satu hari. berturut2 lak tu. alhamdulillah, naseb bek smue da setel. leh a tido awal sket (awal a sngt..). oi penat kot. pinjam buku ni, pinjam buku tu, check nota len, tanye org len. fuh.. aku rase aku cam leh jadi wartawan kot. haha. tapi hidup maintain. banyak camne pon, petang wajib men. hui.. tu rutin kot..

hidup mmg x trurus gle a time nk wat keje ni. bilik mcam rak kasut lepas men je. datang pastu campak. datang pastu campak. ble da prasan, da x kenal mane satu bende ni, mane satu bende tu. bape kali aku terpijak notes kat lantai. ngan bass pon bersepah atas lantai, baju2 lagi, ngan makanan lagi... hish. sure kene basuh ni kalau kantoi ngan mak. sure lah. xde agak2 da. no kompromi!

tapi ok a. skang ni mase untuk study lak. gle bai. aku kene cover banyak gak. ade satu subjek tu aku datang class die 3x je, for this whole sem, seingat aku a.. (ke kurang?!) yg len ponteng. pastu skang sakit a. banyak. mau terberanak aku nak study sume. memang rasenye kene set balik schedule aku.. seriously dude..

p/s : serabut sngt, smpai botol air celah notes pon leh jadi invisible. adoiyai!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

student yg ganas

Terkejut aku time masuk kelas pagi tadi. Bukan pasal ttbe je Four Year Strong atau Parkway Drive ade dlm kelas aku (tak mungkin), tapi pasal gambar2 di atas. Barulah aku paham kenape xleh masuk dari pintu sebelah sini. Die punye pintu rosak. Locked, tapi pemulas die patah and hilang entah kemane. Tombol pintu tu pon menerime naseb yang same. Awat ni? Nak berak sangat2 k sampai x sabar2 nak kuar? Pintu pon leh kene gak.. xpaham tol..

Tu satu masalah. Satu lagi hal pasal mamat foreigner lak. Da tau pintu rosak, nak g pulas 2 3 kali gak. Bodoh -- kalau da xleh bukak xyah a pakse bukak, lagipon tgh ade kelas. Ini tak, lagi xleh, lagi a die pulas. Bising.

p/s : Besi pon leh patah.. haha

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sebab tu manusia ni unik..

Aku mengalami satu peristiwa hari ni. peristiwa yang membuatkan aku terpk balik perangai2 manusia keliling aku slame ni. Macam2. ade baik, ade buruknye. ade yg nampak baek, tapi x baek sngt. Ade plak yg macam buruk, tapi sebenonye layan je lepak.. tu la.. Org ni kan, macam2 kerenah. Kejap camni kejap camtu. Ade yang kite bersusah payah tolong die, hari ini die da lupe da kat kite. Susah. Ade yg ble kite slalu tolong die mcm2, last2 die lak yg jadi malas nk bersusah payah. Susah gak. Macam2 aku leh perati, yg sombong de, berlagak de, pentingkan diri de.. Tu a kehidupan. Macam astro --macam2 ada!!

Tapi bukan buruk je... manusia ni cam roda gak. Bukan kat bawah je manjang. Kekadang tu aku pasan a, ade yg berduit banyak, tapi makan sempoi je.. x nmpak loaded pon. Sluar bundle je. Henst 3310 je. Sempoi. Tapi bab2 lepak, layan. Bab2 member, die yg sudi tolong dl.. Camni a member yg kene cari dow. Maksud aku bukan yg kaya tapi sempoi. Tapi yg pk member. Caye a cakap aku, org2 camtu campak a kat ner2, kompem leh hidup tenang dan selese. eheh.

Kalau xde member cari a.
Kalau dah ade jgn sesekali lupa.

p/s : syukur alhamdulillah..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

kiblat mid valley berubah??

Kiblat mid valley da berubah!! haha. dun noe if this is a big news or what.. but for me it still a new breaking story. all site for praying (muslim la) in MId vaLley are changed, both in Jusco and at the Ground floor. when? why?

ade a aku tanye makcik pekerje sorg sal bende ni.. menurutnye, baru-baru ni (ye a, bulan lepas x ag kl x clap) ade a sorg mamat dtg bwk penunjuk kiblat kat mid tu. x paham sngt cite makcik tu, tapi in short, kiblat kat mid tu salah kot shinggalah die dtg komplen -- kot, aku agak2 je..

p/s : so slame ni smayang kiblat salah a??!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Yeah !!

I`ve been through one tough week and finally its over..!! Such a relief. One of the assignment that i have to do this semester is to produce an environment report, analyzing waste produces daily on one of the block (either office block or cafeteria blok or accommodation block) in my campus. Targetting one whole week for one of accommodation block (Kapas hall), my group partners and I were set to face this challenge throughly. In short, it is a waste collect-and-weight project la.. projek kutip sampah--haha..

We were tested with many difficulties, as we all know that separating waste is not quite easy to accomplish. We have to endure the smell of rubbish, and separate is according to their categories. Seriously, the hardest part (at least for me la..) wasnt that one. To wake up 8 am in the morning and go to campus for that project is really testing myself. Haha.. Plus, we have to measure at least 3 bags of waste produced daily by students--imagine how smelly we are after measuring part..

the waste ----

Suprisingly, we found c*nd*m everyday --- no joking..

Alhamdulillah, da setel da.. The last part is just to produce the report wisely..

p/s : time kacih makcik2 yg menolong kami, sparekan sampah untuk project ini. makcik2 Kapas Hall rock!! yeah!!

tiger with spectacles

where can u found this creature??
some knows, some knows very well, and some not~~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Manchester United 3 - 2 Aston Villa

I bet that not even all Man United fans know whose picture is above. Well, this is Federico Macheda, 17-years old Manchester United player who scored the winning goal in the clash between Manchester United and Aston Villa and the crucial goal he scored was also his first goal in barclay Premier League in his debut (wow). Some people may say that i was only backing my favourite`s team player, but seriously dude, you guys have to see the clinical finish he did on that match - superb la!! Curved-ball from his right leg after a nice turning, its quite hard to that on your first debut... with the pressure and the responbilities...

Anyway the title is still open. Anything can happen at anytime, anywhere.

p/s : sori weh.. aku mmg fan Man Utd. But seriously, i watched all matches, including Liverpool and Chelsea. dats y i saying the title still open. no offense.

stop smokin??


Friday, April 3, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR 3 April — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hari ini mengangkat sumpah jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang keenam menggantikan Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang berundur selepas menerajui negara lebih lima tahun.

terkejut dow.. aku serius ingat yg die punye era lambat lagi.. sebab last aku dengar taun 2010 br Najib nak amek aleh.. alih2 ari ni trus.. tapi xtau a.. aku bukan jenis org yg selak paper 24 /7..
kalau ade tu bace la.. kalau bace tu perasan a..

bukan senang nk jadi perdane menteri ni.. besar tanggungjawab.. sngt2 besar.. lagi2 bila kite tgk keadaan ekonomi Malaysia yg tak seberapa stabil. macam2 boleh jadi.. krisis ekonomi boleh berulang lagi.. dan krisis tu berulang lagi, walaupon ekonomi Malaysia lebih kukuh berbanding dl tapi impak buruk tu pastu ade, even dekat org2 kecil je, mcam pekerje office tu.. kl diorang kene pecat k ape k, tu tandenye ade krisis ekonomi a..

tapi student cam aku susah gak.. intership program nanti kene tempias jugak.. mane taknye, kl praktical dpt elaun RM5 shari ape kes? susah. minyak moto da nk dekat2 5 da.. makan ag?

hai ape la nasib...

p/s : Najib ok k? tanye bdak scholarship felda.

jamming session--

br je ari rabu lepas aku jamming. layan. walaupon men berape ketul sangat je lagu, tapi siyes puas. banyak sebab kenape aku puas. first, da lame sngt da x jamming.. siyes lame. second aku dpt men bass, sal sblum ni susah gle nk men posisi aku sendiri tu.. n aku jammed lagu muse kot! stockholm syndrome kot..

tapi one thing a.. sound system situ x brape ok.. and lack of training and setting. kl setting tu ade no hal je, aku aser lagi layan men malam tu..

p/s : ble aku nk buat lagu sendiri - n buat band sendiri?? entahlah kassim..


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