Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to KL

It has been quite a long time since the last time I updated my blog - last week I think. And again, this week is another terrible week, for me as far as i know. There is a test that I must pass on 16th of June (yesterday) to enable me to continue my industrial training, called NIOSH. Such a long name, it just a test of safety and health during our time in the plant. The test must be taken, to gain a license, or a permit to work or even to stay onsite. Plus, the venue of it was at Kemaman, 7-hours bus travelling from Kuala Lumpur. This is not a bad new, since I can ask to go to my hometown in Kuala Terengganu and stay there a few days before the exam, and fortunately, permission granted. Yeah. 6 months apart from family - damn I miss my siblings.

So it began. I went back to Terengganu on Friday, stayed there for two and a half days before I went straight away to Kemaman for the test. Two and a half days isnt enough, but its still a holiday for me. Other students enjoying 3 months holiday while I having so little time to enjoy myself due to the industrial training. Its a pain in the ass, but for now, its the best. Its best to suffer now than have to endure so much pain in the future, I mean next year. Sorry Mom, it will be better next time, I promise.

NIOSH test was so boring. It was terrible for me even before the program started. I am so sure that I am the only participant who appeared so formal there, wearing plain chocolate T-shirt and Dockers pant, along with a casual black shoes at there. So sure that I noticed some people shocked while looking at me. They must have been thinking this - "skema gler mamat ni.." Seriously. Its not me who want to appear in that manner, it just that is the only shoes I had at that time. Love it or not, that`s what I did. In addition, my friend and I had several difficulties which not suppose to happen at that time. We did not know that we as trainees have to pay the exam fees all by ourselves, total of RM250. Plus, we also being informed that this test only required 1 passport-sized photo, and unfortunately when we arrived there, they need

Briefing session of almost 7 hours continuously was sure a hell for me if they didnt allowed the participants for 4 times of break. Since the foods and drinks were supplied, I can say that it was a convienient day yesterday. Haha. The briefing was so long, but the test so so simple. I hope that I`ll pass that test. InsyaAllah.

Later on the same day, we both went back to KL. Decided to start entering office tomorrow, but somehow on some unexpected reason, we have to skip work that day (haha).

p/s : Hate entering office. Got nothing to do.

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