Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Excitement of jamming

First of all, for you information, jamming is a music session with music instruments as guitars, drum, piano and else, played alone or with friends. I love jamming, frankly speaking, as I found the excitement of it while enjoying with with our best buddies. Not everyone fond of it, plus for the record, my very own parents are strongly against it. really. However, I still jamming during my free time till today, as long as it didn`t reach them. Hehe.

"best ke jamming?" well, its a hard one to answer. I dont know if its a general opinion, but when it comes to people around me -- "hey its cool!". thats their answer. either boys or girls. but not for most adults. a waste of time, or useless, they said. men`s opinion and women`s opinion sometimes are the same, or sometimes not. let just ignore them, I`d say. remember, in the first hand, we are the one who jamming, or at least we Who WANT to, not them. we are the one who strumming. we are the one who slapping the bass, and we are the one who rolling the drum. we are the one who JAMMING. say what?

p/s : damn i love jamming.

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