Monday, December 26, 2011

Life and Target

There's a term called "step by step". Which means one by one. By order. You must do something step by step to ensure the success in doing it. You always put garlic first before putting other ingredients while cooking, otherwise your meal will be tasty but doesn't smell that tasty. You must put on your boxer first before your pant, otherwise people will address you crazy. Am I right? In this case, yes.

That's order.

Same applied to life, study, work, marry, have kids, then die - either normally or by accidents. But notice that each simple step explained is actually a very complex stage, which will eventually affect the other phase. Study well, you'll get better job. Better job, large saving, get marry faster. Its something what we call in chemistry as a chain reaction. Its like domino-lah. 

And for now, after 23 years of life, I finally came to the "marry" phase. Of course in my Malay tradition engagement should come first. But personally, I don't prefer that. For me no need to engage. Just set the date and get marry. You can save more money by doing that, as you will spend some of your saving on this and you're still cannot sleep with your fiance, LOL. But don't take it personally, engagement is a good thing, but I prefer not to do that. Let see if future can change me (hopefully not-lah).

When you have worked long enough, I can assure you, even after one year of working you will think differently. "I should buy a car, I should buy a house, I should get marry" - all this stuff. And if its not you, people around you will. And that's what actually happening to me for the time being. Getting carried away. Such a nuisance, but still so attempting.

And that's why "step by step" is vital. You should set a target for yourself, how long it is before you change your work, when you should get marry, will you continue your study of not -- its called target. And to reach target, you must know your next step. Never let other things distract you. Never.


But I still want to buy new gadgets, buy a car, a DSLR, travelling overseas.... how ah?

p/s : Mekah dulu bro. Overseas tu belakang kira.

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