Saturday, December 19, 2009

27 thoughts for the time being.

1. I have a lab report to do, yet still blogging.
2. Its already 3 times i went to toilet within half an hour.
3. I missed my Broga hill hiking trip due to my mobile phone.
4. My laptop battery has only 29% power left, and it will keep decreasing.
5. There`s 2 more chocolate left on the table given to me for my birthday.
6. I lost my glasses at McD, if not mistaken.
7. I cant stop my addiction to cigarette while studying 4 final exam.
8. My bass guitar need a scrutinize hygiene check-up.
9. Shisha at the castle last night wasnt so bad.
10. Its raining but i washed my blanket this morning. wtf
11. Frenz are going back. when will i? check thought 1.
12. Barbican wit shisha is a bad match for me.
13. My medication pills need a top-up.
14. Havent reach uptown since 4 months ago.
15. I must do my lab! why bother this?
16. I seriously need a new mobile phones.
17. Getting seriously irrated with some of my frenz.
18. I cant draw money! RM50 is too much!
19. Cant wait for next futsal session.
20. Cant wait for next MY jamm session.
21. Damn why she has to be so "semangat"??
22. My music files are all lost. ALL.
23. I am sleepy, why? 7 hours should be enuf.
24. Who cares if u drive a big car? u have a small ***** anyway.
25. Wonder why people act like animal nowadays.
26. Wonder why I myself love to watch korean tv shows lately. Omma!
27. Why 27???

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