Monday, October 29, 2012

the end is not there yet.

"we've met, and we shall meet again."

well, frankly speaking, this is an entry i created due to numb feeling i had since last 9 hours ago. and i dedicated this to my assistant manager (now its ex-assistant manager), sincerely.

every factory got a manager, no matter how small it is. and obviously there will be a system, adminstrative system, a hierracy of management. an assistant manager comes after manager. second most powerful person in the factory. and my assistant manager is a woman. a tough, hard but nice woman.

what are her responsibilities in my factory? no point of explaining in details, i am not going to post a resume here. in short, there are tonnes of works, huge responsibilities on her shoulder -- she is the assistant what, for sure a lot. and thanks to her we can run a factory here. on daily basis, 24-6 actually (one-day off).

obviously, running a factory is not an easy task. you need a team. you need supports. this is not one-woman job, nor one-man too. and i am delightful that i am one of her team members. i am delightful to support her, as what she did to me. and i am proud enough to call myself as your wingman, although i did not have a pair of wing.

and 9 hours ago, she quit. so sudden. so so....numb.

she have her reasons, pretty sure she's been thinking a lot before making such a decision. this numb feeling will not last long, for sure, but things will change significantly. there is no more smoking cigarettes together, no more big laugh together, and more responsibilites divided to each of the team members apparently.

looking forward to steal another cigarette from your bag. let's meet up again someday, so that we can have that big laugh again. ok?

chill joey. chill.

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