Tuesday, October 16, 2012


People dont f*** you for nothin. They'll f*** you for A REASON. Whether the reasons were acceptable or not, its yours to judge. They'll absolutely f*** you for a reason.

Its common thing in a meeting. You were given responsibilities, means you have to face the consequences if you fail in delivering the result. Whether you like it or not, its unfair to point to others when the target is you. Totally.

And when your boss angry, prepare the worst. They might open back your account, recalled you back on your previous screw up, and blast you more. If they good enough they'll listen to you. If not then they'll personally show you the exit.

"you should just nod, accepted the blame and improve"

Is it right? Well, for some. Or better for the moment.

Will you improve? A must.

Or will you find another job? Then make it clear that you're not running away from the mistakes you've done. Improve first, show what you can do for real, then think it through again.


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