Monday, April 6, 2009


Yeah !!

I`ve been through one tough week and finally its over..!! Such a relief. One of the assignment that i have to do this semester is to produce an environment report, analyzing waste produces daily on one of the block (either office block or cafeteria blok or accommodation block) in my campus. Targetting one whole week for one of accommodation block (Kapas hall), my group partners and I were set to face this challenge throughly. In short, it is a waste collect-and-weight project la.. projek kutip sampah--haha..

We were tested with many difficulties, as we all know that separating waste is not quite easy to accomplish. We have to endure the smell of rubbish, and separate is according to their categories. Seriously, the hardest part (at least for me la..) wasnt that one. To wake up 8 am in the morning and go to campus for that project is really testing myself. Haha.. Plus, we have to measure at least 3 bags of waste produced daily by students--imagine how smelly we are after measuring part..

the waste ----

Suprisingly, we found c*nd*m everyday --- no joking..

Alhamdulillah, da setel da.. The last part is just to produce the report wisely..

p/s : time kacih makcik2 yg menolong kami, sparekan sampah untuk project ini. makcik2 Kapas Hall rock!! yeah!!

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