Thursday, April 30, 2009

study mod - tet tet teeeetttt...

it is only a week before my first final exam paper. time flows like nothing, it just a moment before i realized, damn - i`ve already this close to the end. haha. been through a miserable week - and now the hibernation phase is over. i must emerged from that laziness valley into an environment which trigger me to study. how is that??

hate to avoid, but also hate to admit, that the need of study is vital for the time being. got lot stuff to be covered in only a week - can i?? can kot..

but hey, no hard feeling
whether we like it or not, this is the most common panorama we can see, we can feel just before we entering the exam hall.

ye lah..

everyone hate preparing for exam, who doesnt??

p/s : tolong.. bg aku seminggu lg study week..

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