Friday, May 29, 2009

RINDU lah!!

Haha. The tag may be a little childish. But its TRUE. I am missing someone, or it is something? Nah. A lot actually. I miss my family, my mom, dad, my little brother and sister. Its quite sad ya know whenever we called our parents to talk, our little brother and sister were whispering behind saying -- "mak, bile abang nak balik??". It still trashing my heart to hear that, it really made me felt guilty for a while. Yeah maybe someone will said to me -- "so caring, so sensitive", and you know what, f**k them. I still a normal human, have a heart to feel and have eyes to cry even though many frenz of mine said I am so metal. Plus, i do feel that its a need to miss ur parents rather than sumthing else which can dragged us from missing them.

What about missing my hometown? Yeah. Me too. The smell of mom`s cooking, the aroma of our hometown (ade k?haha), the neighbourhood, the accent used there, damn i miss them. Especially your mom`s cooking, its like a legal drug to every person. haha. so addicted to "ayam masak lemak cili api" made by mom. I wish i can invite all my frenz to try that, sure sempoi lah!!

Now that i`ve got an internship practical in KL for three months onward, it must be very difficult for me to go home. Three months bai... If I am going to go back to home after that period, it would be a total of almost 6 months my little brother missed me. But dont worry, I`ll find sometime, maybe I will join them, although only for a while, during weekend. Hope so. Can or not? Boleh kot...

p/s : Missed her so much.

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