Friday, May 1, 2009

Mayday mayday!!!

This is not an emergency, though "Mayday" mentioned above may caused lot of confusion. Many people today acknowledged this term as emergency @ distress signal or whatever it is. I believed most of Malaysian probably will think that way. But, the fun thing is how many Malaysian know that Mayday is also May Day a.k.a. Labour Day?

haha. i didnt expect much.

compressed with hot condition in my room, i was alerted with such a phenomenon i encountered today. there were so many people attending the common mosque i usually go to perform Friday`s prayer today. so many people - its enuf to said that i cannot find even a single space to left my slipper. what happened? why there is so many people there today??

suddenly I noticed the date today at my mobile phones. it is first of May. 1/5/2009. it is Labour Day today. no wonder. so many people are so free today.

its Labour Day!!!!!

haha - frankly speaking, this public holiday have no significant meaning on me. since i am also having a week of holiday (study week), the day today felt the same as yesterday - except for that traffic jam caused at the mosque.

p/s : Do people still go for Friday`s prayer if today is not a public holiday?? or not??

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