Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The throat sighs!

Its the end of February, and again every time when it comes to this kind of situation, almost all my friends were in financial problems. Oops, including me! It's really a bad expression on people face realizing you have no more money in your wallet@purse. Sometimes you don't have to check, just remember what have you spend within the month and automatically your throat sighs~~~ yeah it happen to me dude!!

Your parents may be the savior this time.
Maybe they`ll give you some if you`re really rich.
Maybe they`ll lend you some, but don't forget the payback time or they`ll scold you.
Maybe they`ll scold you first, and give a little afterward.

Maybe they`ll not giving any!!! and Ask you to start saving! ----- well that`s my case.
They will not consider it anymore. Don't pretend to act cute or throw some nice promises, as they know you not a kid anymore. Yeah. Kids usually don't have blog, so I am either teenager@adult. I am teenager for some situation and an adult for another situation. Haha.

Maybe I'll try start saving. But not now!!

p/s : Just for this month! sigh~~

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