Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am simple, but not single

Blogs represent us. certainly. in which way? everything. some people addressed me as a lazy blogger, saying that my blog is simple, too flat, lack of widgets and more. I couldn't agree more --haha-- but I am not lazy dude.

Firstly, to be honest, I am a simple man. really. wake up, eat, class, football, what else should a student care about? I am not going to say --- GET OFF! THIS IS MY PAGE! --- as I myself are also annoyed with that phrase. the thing is, what you saw in my blog is the real me. simple doesn't meant that I am zero inside. I expressed my thoughts via my blog, about everything, but still I try to make it simple. people should knew that reading something online (articles in blogs for example) can be quit boring if it contains 5 paragraphs or more -- in my opinion, personally. Simple is enough, but try to make it worth your time to read it, and enjoyable.


p/s : Have to admit that I am not that hardworking. Sometimes its called "blur", not "lazy".


  1. full-year-project aku dengki dow
    tak bg update

  2. tahniah??
    dalam maksud tu. haha
    terangkan sile..



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