Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5-minutes entry

Technically, it wouldn't be so hard to post something in your blog. And this is a 5-minutes entry, an entry which will cost only 5 minutes to write, commencing from 650PM to 655PM. Who says blogging is difficult? Its you who is difficult.

OK -- I have 4 minutes left. What should I post? What I wanna post? It could be anything, from nasi lemak ayam rendang which I had this morning, cheap and satisfying with only RM2.50 (yeah Kelantan's food is the cheapest and the most delicious!), or bad dream I been through in my nap just now. Or I can create an article regarding how rude Malaysian today while driving. Or snap a picture of my room today -- nahhh thats embarassing. Men just dont love to show their "jungle" to others, even to a man. Right?

So that's it. 5-minutes entry. Simple, yet its accomplished.

p/s : So who want to challenge me more? Come here bebeyh!



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