Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bliss In Ignorance

"kebahagian dalam kesedihan"


This is not a heartbreak entry or anything similar to that. This is just an entry, re-telling a story which I myself experienced this morning. A simple story, but still it provided enough hint for me that gratefulness to God should be constantly, not when we in bad situation only.

Its been a week of raining. Everyday is raining, and I guessed every Malaysian had a problem with this. So do I. Since I go to work by motorcycle, obviously I'm aware of this problem more than you do. Yes I do. Got many praises from my boss since I came to work and went back home at least 30 minutes earlier/late because of rain. And technically, praises is just something useless when its served not with over-time allowance. Aiyokk.

The story? Oh yeah nearly forgot. Firstly, I had this small habit, of buying "nasi lemak ayam rendang" every I went home in the morning due to night shift work. Its phenomenal dude, with only RM2.50 you got something that can fully occupied your stomach for every meal, depending on person lah. But for me its totally worth it, and I can even buy you (1 person only) this every morning hahaha. Ok enuf wit food description. Since its been raining the whole week, the stall which sell this "nasi lemak ayam rendang" closed every time I decided to buy one. And for three days I slept with half-occupied stomach. Its not their fault, I knew the rain was so heavy it could ruin their business if they still wanna open their stall. Even I had to wear raincoat every time I wanna go to work or going back home, and I still have to take shower to avoid fever. Its such a pain in the ass. I hate taking shower early in the morning. Too cold, and its colder when its raining.

And this morning was different. Last night was unusual, the sky was clear, no black cloud and I can see the star shining. So I assumed theres no rain tonight, and FORTUNATELY I forgot to bring my raincoat. Yeay. And its raining, HEAVILY this morning. Ya Allah. This really not a good time for me to forget my raincoat. Since I've been waiting to go back for almost an hour, I decided to go through this rain. Man-way, brave enough. The longer I wait, the hurrier the manager will come and for sure I cannot go away just like that when he's around. Here I go, enduring the rain~

I merely cant see the road ahead due to heavy rain when my eyes suddenly caught something. Ow man. That special stall open today! At that point, I don't even care how heavy the rain is going to be, all I know is that I must buy my breakfast today from there. I made a sudden U-turn using my bike and speeding to that stall, despite the horn and the horn and the horn that I got for my sudden U-turn just now. Haha. And there it goes, one "nasi lemak ayam rendang" for my breakfast.

Yesterday I was thankful I brought my raincoat for the heavy rain.
Today, although I forgot my raincoat, caught up in heavy rain and got to take cold shower to avoid fever, I still thankful I was able to eat my favorite breakfast after waiting for almost a week. Alhamdulillah~~

Now thats what we call "bliss in ignorance". True?

p/s : Kelantan food is the best!

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